Seasons, clocks and money

April 2016

After reading the Slav Fairy Tale The Twelve Months by Alexander Chodsvko, we deepened our study of the seasons. Here is our block crayon portrayal of the circle of seasons inspired by the colours of each archangel.  Ima chose her own images for the 4 parts of the tree.

IMG_6877 (1)

We next read The Responsible Cuckoo, painted some cuckoo clocks and created a paper toy in 3D version downloaded here.

To practice addition and subtraction, place value and money, we played farm market and priced the various animals.




A is for Anansi, b is for bumblebee

April 2016

We had lots of fun reading many of the adventures of the trickster Anansi!  Our study of spiders had us returning to Charlotte’s Web again this year.

We are thinking about starting a beehive at home this summer so naturally we wanted to read more about these amazing insects.  The girls were very inspired by the form of the honeycomb and continued to draw the hexagons for many days.

We also delved in to a few Brer Rabbit tales to complete this block.