Co-operative building

September 2016

We are starting our year with a clear objective to create a space for the girls to escape, create, and hibernate!  Building a playhouse has enabled us to continue to spend most of our time outdoors, and transition gently from our summer rhythm to our school rhythm.  My youngest is now in her final year of kindergarten and is keen to help with part of this main lesson.

We continue to use the Christopher Curriculum as our main reference and I am blending Kindergarten themes with those from Third Grade as much as is appropriate for my children. Observing and respecting the weather conditions ties in very well with this lesson block.  It has been quite windy, but also sunny and warm over the past 2 weeks, a typical autumn for our area.

We began by brainstorming about what we’d like to build, then outlining a plan.  I used Lester Walker’s “Housebuilding for Children” as inspiration and guidance.  I modified one of the plans in the book as we wanted a slightly larger structure so the girls could camp out for the night in their house. We visited the local hardware store and purchased child appropriate tools, next we stitched together aprons to safely wear these tools.


Deciding where to situate the structure seems to have rekindled an interest in each of us in the vast piece of land we call home.  We spent several weeks away from our home this summer, and we appreciate it more than ever as a result.

I am very impressed with the carpentry skills of my girls, and they have been amazed at how quickly our project is advancing.  My husband built our house over a period of approximately 3 years, and we were able to observe the progress on a regular basis, so I think they were expecting this house to take a lot longer!


Stay tuned for the finished project…


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