Mountains and Canyons

October 2017

A glimpse of our time in Calgary, Canmore and Banff, filled with evenings spent with family we don’t see often enough and days soaking up the snow capped scenery!

Quite a climate change as we arrived in Arizona.  Midday temperatures above 35 degrees Celcius were all the motivation we needed to become early risers for a couple of weeks.  The hiking before noon was fantastic, and allowed us to hike the Grand Canyon in the shade until we were nearly back to the top! So proud of our girls who were real troopers on these outings.


Trick or treating in arid Mesa made costume planning a lot easier than at home when it can be very windy, raining or snowing this time of year.



Les Îles in many forms

October 2017

The weather really cooperated with us to fully explore the islands this fall.  We often have mild days this time of year, being surrounded by water still warm from the summer days.  This year we had lots of sunshine to bring us outside and finish up last year construction projects.

Our geographical location near the Maritimes in the middle of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence naturally makes us question why so many french settled here and where the pockets of anglophones came from.  Shipwrecks, deportation, fishing, native americans, and tourism were all part of our discussions of the recent as well as the ancient history of this beautiful place we call home.